Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Women

Losing your hair as a woman, especially if you’re young or at a vulnerable time in your life, can badly affect your confidence. Jackie Tomlinson, Alopecia UK spokesperson and a dermatology specialist nurse at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, says society considers hair to be an important part of how you look “For women, there’s a social stigma attached to going bald. Hair loss can affect your sensuality and how you perceive yourself.”  And hair loss in women is actually common according to the NHS.

From Androgenetic to Traction Alopecia

Triggers include a wide variety of physiological or emotional stresses, nutritional deficiencies, and endocrine imbalances. Female pattern baldness, also called androgenetic alopecia, is similar to male pattern baldness, except that women can lose their hair in a different pattern than men. Loss of telogen phase hairs (3rd phase in the hair’s life cycle) is the most common. Traction alopecia is also common and is usually due to excessive pulling or tension on hair shafts as a result of braids, weaves and extensions. It is seen more often in our clients of East Indian and Afro-Caribbean origin. Prolonged traction alopecia can stop new hair follicles developing and lead to permanent hair loss.

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SMP has become one of the most cost effective and best looking treatments available for hair loss. The objective for the VON practitioner is to replace your lost density and create the look of a full head of hair again so that you feel confident, energised… You.

Although it varies, thinning hair in women is typically at a Ludwig Classification of Type I-2 to I-4 with clients still having a fair amount of hair remaining. The hair can be kept long as the SMP process is used primarily to shade the scalp, reducing the contrast between hair and scalp skin. This creates the illusion of a thicker head of hair. However in order to achieve this effect, the VON practitioner will use various sized needles and apply a range of pressures to create a 3D effect. Pigment is matched to the colour of your hair dependent on the length you intend to keep it, so that a totally natural blend is achieved and the end result is truly outstanding.

At VON we understand that one of the most important treatments for hair loss is emotional and psychological support. That is why all our practitioners undergo classes in understanding the causes of female hair loss, the impact it can have on their lives, and how to work with our clients with empathy and understanding.

It is one of the reasons why we offer our treatments in the privacy and comfort of your own home, subject to a site visit and conditions.

VON practitioners only use permanent organic, non-metallic ink allowing the body to heal faster and hold the colour better, typically around 5 years.

VON use very fine acupuncture needles to allow for extremely exact detailing and pigmentation. The needles are custom made in facilities in Germany to match the precision needed to properly deposit the correct amount of pigment for natural looking hair follicles. Each single-use disposable needle is laser cut and inspected for precision according to strict standards.

von smp density thinning
ludwig scale

Classification for Female Pattern Baldness

The Ludwig Classification separates female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) into 1 of 3 unique stages, referred to as the Ludwig Scale. By classifying hair loss according to severity, the Ludwig Scale helps both VON clients and practitioners to better understand the major factors in the diagnosis and treatment of female hair loss.

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Thinning and Scar Correction

Starting from a Ludwig Scale of Class 1
£ 500* *Starting from
  • Free consultation
  • Bespoke solution
  • At-Home treatment available (subject to conditions)
  • Typically 2-3 sessions
  • After care included

Balding and Scar Correction

Starting from a Ludwig Scale of Class 3
£ 1500* *Starting from
  • Free consultation
  • Bespoke solution
  • At-Home treatment available (subject to conditions)
  • Typically 3-5 sessions
  • After care included
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