Scalp Micro-Pigmentation for Men

Anything that interrupts the normal hair cycle can trigger diffuse hair loss. Triggers include a wide variety of physiological or emotional stresses, nutritional deficiencies, and endocrine imbalances. Loss of telogen phase hairs (3rd phase in the hair’s life cycle) is the most common. Any type of hair loss from thinning to complete baldness can be very distressing and the psychological and emotional effects often go ignored as many men don’t like to talk about it.

From thinning hair to complete head and FUT & FUE scarring

SMP has become one of the most cost effective and best looking treatments available for hair loss. The objective for the VON practitioner is to replace your lost density and create the look of a full head of hair again. We can even conceal scars left by injury or by FUE or FUT treatments. Our goal is to achieve a look for you with you feel confident again.

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This is typically a Norwood scale of 2-4 with clients still having a fair amount of hair remaining. The hair can be kept long as the SMP process is used primarily to shade the scalp, reducing the contrast between hair and scalp skin. This creates the illusion of a thicker head of hair. However in order to achieve this effect, the VON practitioner will use various sized needles and apply a range of pressures to create a 3D effect. Pigment is matched to the colour of your hair dependent on the length you intend to keep it, so that a totally natural blend is achieved and the end result is truly outstanding.

The hairline is the most important part of your SMP treatment, as this is the focal point, and will determine the overall look. If not done correctly the treatment will look unnatural and fake. VON practitioners will design, mark and measure each hairline before any pigment is implanted. Some clients may wish for a very defined hairline, but we often advise them to try a more natural look in the first session, with a feathered softer detailing. With the next session the client will have had the time to decide if they would like a more dense covering at the hairline and indeed anywhere else on the scalp. The overall end look is tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Men that have more advanced hair loss often turn to hair transplants. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a redistribution of existing hair follicles. Unfortunately with both procedures, there is a very real possibility of significant and noticeable scarring.

A horizontal scar on the back of the head called a keloid, is a tough heaped-up scar that rises above the rest of the skin and can result from an FUT operation while FUE will leave small dots by the direct extraction of the hair follicles.

Fortunately, VON practitioners can offer options for clients who experience anywhere from minor to severe scarring. The VON SMP process for scalp concealment does vary a bit from the standard procedure for baldness or alopecia. Keloids, in particular, are made of thick layers of tissue, which do not always respond to pigment the way a thin section of scalp might. As such, individuals receiving VON SMP may have to return for a few more sessions so that we can be sure that the pigment projects the right depth of colour to help add to the appearance of a full, thick head of hair.

VON practitioners only use permanent organic, non-metallic ink allowing the body to heal faster and hold the colour better, typically up to 2-3 years.

VON use very fine acupuncture needles to allow for extremely exact detailing and pigmentation. The needles are custom made in facilities in Germany to match the precision needed to properly deposit the correct amount of pigment for natural looking hair follicles. Each single-use disposable needle is laser cut and inspected for precision according to strict standards.

How to measure male pattern baldness

The Norwood scale (or Hamilton-Norwood scale) is the leading classification system used to measure the extent of male pattern baldness. Men typically lose their hair in one of several common patterns over the course of many decades. The Norwood scale provides easy-to-reference images that indicate different stages of balding.

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Thinning and Scar Correction

Starting from a Norwood Scale of 1A
£ 500* *Starting from
  • Free consultation
  • Bespoke solution
  • At-Home treatment available (subject to conditions)
  • Typically 2-3 sessions
  • After care included

Balding and Scar Correction

Starting from a Norwood Scale of 4
£ 1500* *Starting from
  • Free consultation
  • Bespoke solution
  • At-Home treatment available (subject to conditions)
  • Typically 3-5 sessions
  • After care included
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